Win one of 5 free ebook copies of THE BURIED SYMBOL, the first entry in a new epic fantasy series for teens and adults.


Join Brock as he breaks free from society's shackles and pursues his dream to become a Master within the Ministry. He manages to get accepted by the famed Academy,where he begins to uncover a web of secrets that include a lost magic, buried and forgotten.


Here is a teaser:


Welcome to the Issalian Empire

Imagine a world where everyone is marked with a rune within days of his or her birth, setting them on their course in life. These runes not only define each citizen's vocation, but they also determine their social status.


Now imagine yourself as one of the rare people who must go through life unmarked. You have no legally designated job. You have no rights. Your social status is below the lowest of those marked with a rune. Society tells you to accept your fate, to live the best life you can, and to pray that you are rewarded with a better station in the next life.


Welcome to the Empire, Brock Tannerson. You are just a teen, but as an Unchosen, you have little to look forward to in life under the Ministry's rules. Do you accept your fate?